What is Hak Pakai?

What is Hak Pakai?
Hak Pakai or the Right of Use is a title over Freehold land that allows the holder to use the land, including (subject to permitting requirements) the right to construct buildings. A Hak Pakai title may be held by foreign individuals and foreign representative offices as well as Indonesian citizens and legal entities established under Indonesian law. For foreigners to acquire a Hak Pakai title, they must be a resident or domiciled in Indonesia and therefore must hold a limited stay permit (KITAS) or a permanent stay permit (KITAP).

According to the Government Regulation (PP) no. 103 Year 2015, the term of granting rights to foreigners is specified to having one single property with a maximum land size of 3000 m2. Foreigners can acquire usage rights for 30 years. If the period has expired, it can be extended for another 20 years, then after a span of 50 years, the foreign national may renew his usage rights for a period of 30 years. In total, the given Right of Use period can reach 80 years.

Under current laws, a Hak Pakai title is the only registered form of entitlement over land that can be granted to a foreign individual which can be evidenced by a land certificate reflecting the name of the foreigner and the term on the certificate which serves as formal evidence of this form of ownership right. In accordance with Indonesian law, this title can be sold, gifted, exchanged and/or passed down, unless the deed of conveyance specifies otherwise, but under a Hak Milik title, it cannot be used in the form of a mortgage.

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